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Information about the competent Norwegian complaints-handling body to deal with policyholder complaints.

The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board (Finansklagenemnda/FinKN) deals with disputes that arise between finance companies and their customers in service areas such as insurance, banking, financing, securities funds and debt collection. Finansklagenemnda is an independent ombudsman.

Within insurance Finansklagenemnda deals with complains from insurance policyholders on insurance undertakings and their insurance agents. Within insurance Finansklagenemnda deals with cases such as non-life insurance, change of ownership insurance and accident, health and other personal insurance.


Finansklagenemnda is a voluntary body.

Sending a complaint to Finansklagenemnda is free of charge. A fee may accrue if the secretariat of Finansklagenemnda refuses the complaint and you want the Complaints Board to deal with the case.


Finansklagenemnda's decisions are advisory. It does not issue decisions binding for the parties.

If an insurance undertaking has not accepted a decision against it, the undertaking is obliged to cover the counterparty's costs in court proceedings.

Preconditions to deal with the policyholder complaints and restrictions:

  • The insurance undertaking must be a member of Finansklagenemnda, please see the list of members: If the complaint concerns an insurance agent, the insurance undertaking it is representing must be a member.
  • The insurance undertaking's/agent's handling of the case must be finished.
  • The courts must not be handling the case and the case must not have been handled by the court
  • Cases not suited for written case handling can be refused.
  • According to the law there is a deadline for complaints of 6 months after the complainant was informed in writing of the refusal, but this deadline only starts if the insurance undertaking informs about it.

Complaints processing time

The secretariat shall inform the parties in writing that the case handling starts as soon as it has received the necessary and relevant documents from both sides. The case handling normally starts when the complaint and the reply are received. The outcome of the case handling in Finansklagenemnda shall be made known to the parties within 90 days from this date. The deadline may be extended in particularly complex cases.

Contact information

P.O.Box 53 Skøyen
0212 Oslo

E-mail address: post@finkn.no
Phone: +47 23 13 19 60