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Risk and Vulnerability Analysis 2018

Finanstilsynet's report on the financial institutions’ use of information and communications technology (ICT) is published annually. It presents the agency's overall assessment of the risk picture in the preceding year based on findings, observations and trends.

The report describes the risks and vulnerability relating to financial stability, individual institutions and the institutions’ customers. It presents Finanstilsynet’s findings and observations in its supervisory activities in 2018, including incident reports received and notifications of new payment services and changes in existing services. It also covers ICT security, cyber threats and changes in the threat picture, as well as ways in which institutions should protect themselves against cyber threats. Technology trends considered to be of potential significance for financial institutions’ use of ICT are described.

Moreover, the report cites financial institutions’ own assessments of the most prominent threats, based on information obtained from questionnaires and interviews. It describes the most important threats to and vulnerabilities of financial institutions’ ICT systems and the financial infrastructure that could have a significant impact on financial stability and well-functioning markets.