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Contents and personal data

Finanstilsynet’s registry contains information on all companies and individuals under Finanstilsynet’s supervision. 

The types of companies and individuals involved are listed in section 1 of the Financial Supervision Act.

The registry includes Norwegian companies’ head offices and Norwegian branches of foreign companies. It does not include Norwegian companies’ regional offices.

The registry also contains information on companies authorised to act as a nominee, i.e. companies that Finanstilsynet has approved to be registered in Norwegian securities registers, registers of shareholders and/or unit holder registers on behalf of the beneficial owner. 

Please note that the addresses listed for companies are business addresses. For sole proprietorships and for individuals holding a personal authorisation, the address listed may be their home address. Contact details for companies and individuals are obtainable from, respectively, the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities in Brønnøysund and from the National Population Registry, which should be contacted if changes need to be made or errors corrected. Information on foreign nominee companies is not available from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities in Brønnøysund, and is therefore based on information from the company itself.

Companies and individuals whose licence(s) or authorisation(s) have been withdrawn are not shown in the registry. For further information, please contact Finanstilsynet by phone on +47 22 93 98 00 or by e-mail to post@finanstilsynet.no.

The Personal Data Act, section 11, first subsection (c), requires Finanstilsynet to ensure that data “are not used subsequently for purposes that are incompatible with the original purpose of the collection”. Please note, therefore, that personal data contained in the registry cannot be used for commercial purposes such as marketing etc.