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Finanstilsynet is the competent prospectus authority and responsible for the operative control and approval of EEA prospectuses.

The new Prospectus Directive (EU) 2017/1129) came into effect in Norwegian legislation on 21 July 2019, with certain implications for prospectus requirements. 

Public offers for subscription or purchase of transferable securities, cf. STA §7-2, and admission to trading on a regulated market, cf. STA §7-3, trigger requirement for a prospectus for issuers.

The issuer shall prepare a prospectus pursuant to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act Chapter 7 of the regulations, or in accordance with the equivalent rules and other EEA member state that can be used cross-border, acc. STA §7-9, first paragraph. 

An issuer who is to submit an EEA prospectus for approval must send this to e-mail address prospekter@finanstilsynet.no. Prospectuses and final terms which are to be passported into Norway must be sent to prospectus.notification@finanstilsynet.no.

See "Guideline on prospectus approval process" for further information on the approval process, procedural deadlines, requirement for completeness and more.

For cover notes when submitting a prospectus for approval, please see:

Prospectus Fees


E-mail address prospekter@finanstilsynet.no

E-mail address for passporting to Norway: 
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