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Finanstilsynet is the competent prospectus authority and responsible for the operative control and approval of EEA prospectuses.

Public offers for subscription or purchase of transferable securities, cf. STA §7-2, and admission to trading on a regulated market, cf. STA §7-3, trigger requirement for a prospectus for issuers.

The issuer shall prepare a prospectus pursuant to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act Chapter 7 of the regulations, or in accordance with the equivalent rules and other EEA member state that can be used cross-border, acc. STA §7-9, first paragraph. 

An issuer who is to submit an EEA prospectus for approval must send this to e-mail address prospekter@finanstilsynet.no. Prospectuses and final terms which are to be passported into Norway must be sent to prospectus.notification@finanstilsynet.no.

See "Guidline on prospectus approval process" for further information on the approval process, procedural deadlines, requirement for completeness and more.

For cover notes when submitting a prospectus for approval, please see:

Prospectus Fees

Document type

Vetting fee (NOK)
from 1 August 2017

Share prospectus

88 000
Share prospectus when initial public offering (IPO) 103 000
Registration document 68 000
Security note + Summary 20 000
Warrant 16 000
Supplement 12 500
Additional fee "specialist issuers" * 16 000
Fixed income:  
Base prospectus 76 000
Registration document 60 000
Supplement 7 500
Security note + Summary 16 000

From 1 July 2016 receipt for paid prospectus fee must be attached to the email containing the cover note for the prospectus to be approved by the FSA. The FSA will not start the approval process before receipt is received. The issuer's name must be given on the receipt.

The prospectus fee must be paid to the following:
Account number: 7694 05 09641
IBAN: NO4976940509641

Fees payable for document types not covered in the above schedule are calculated on a pro rata basis within the amounts stated. These amounts may be disregarded in special cases.

Ordinary fee will be incurred when the control of a prospectus is initiated, but the process is aborted at a later stage.

*) Specialist issuers are issuers in the following industries: oil, gas and mining, shipping, real estate, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and start-up companies. In some cases the prospectus rules require issuers in these industries to include a report prepared by an independent expert in the prospectus.


E-mail address prospekter@finanstilsynet.no

E-mail address for passporting to Norway: 
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