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The Norwegian Non-life Insurance Guarantee Scheme

The purpose of the non-life Insurance Guarantee Scheme is to ensure coverage of insurance claims filed under agreements on direct non-life insurance, to the secured and injured party. The task of the guarantee scheme is to cover claims from policyholders in insurance undertakings which are placed under public administration and member of the Guarantee Scheme, provided that the claim falls within the scope of coverage of the Guarantee Scheme.


Climate risk

Financial markets and financial institutions are affected both by physical climate change and by the transition to a low emission society. High on the agenda is understanding how climate change may affect the financial system and the role of the supervisory authorities. Finanstilsynet's participation in this work involves developing methodology and supervisory tools.


Coronavirus: Information on Finanstilsynet's follow-up

Overview of the information provided by Finanstilsynet (the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway) on the handling of the coronavirus situation in the financial sector and measures taken.



Finanstilsynet is the competent prospectus authority and responsible for the operative control and approval of EEA prospectuses.


Supervisory disclosure

Through its cooperation with the EU, Finanstilsynet is obliged to publish relevant regulations relating to banking and insurance to ensure transparency and enable comparison between national supervisory authorities and the implementation of regulations in different countries. The main purpose of supervisory disclosure is to promote harmonised supervisory practices throughout the EU.