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Finanstilsynet is headed by a non-executive board of five members appointed by the Ministry of Finance upon delegation from the King. Finanstilsynet's Director General is appointed by the King in Council for a six year term.

The Board

Finanstilsynet's Board is appointed for a four-year term. A new term started March 1st 2018.

Mr  Finn Arnesen


Ms Giuditta Cordero-Moss

Deputy Chair

Ms Mette Bjørndal

Board Member

Mr Kjetil Wibe

Board Member

Mr Arne Skauge

Board Member

Ms Thorunn Falkanger

First Alternate

Mr Bjørn Arild Gram

Second Alternate

Mr Sindre Weme

Director at Norges Bank, attends as observer

Two members elected by and from among the employees supplement the board when administrative matters are dealt with. The current employee representatives are:

  • Ms Inga Baadshaug Eide
  • Mr Johan Fredrik Øhman

The Management Team

Morten Baltzersen was appointed Director General of Finanstilsynet on 1 April 2011 by the Council of State for a fixed term of six years. He was reappointed on 22 May 2017 for a new term of six years.

The management team of Finanstilsynet consists of:

  • Mr Morten Baltzersen, Director General 
  • Ms Ann Viljugrein, Deputy Director General, Banking and Insurance Supervision 
  • Ms Anne Merethe Bellamy, Deputy Director General, Capital Markets Supervision
  • Mr Per Mathis Kongsrud, Deputy Director General, Digitalisation and Analysis
  • Ms Gun Margareth Moy, Deputy Director General, Administration
  • Ms Cecilie Ask, General Counsel
  • Ms Lisbeth Strand, Communications Director