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About Finanstilsynet

Finanstilsynet is an independent government agency that builds on laws and decisions emanating from the Parliament (Stortinget), the Government and the Ministry of Finance and on international standards for financial supervision and regulation.

Supervision of the financial market

Through its supervision of enterprises and markets, Finanstilsynet strives to promote financial stability and orderly market conditions and to instil confidence that financial contracts will be honoured and services performed as intended. In addition to its preventative work, Finanstilsynet maintains a preparedness for dealing with concrete problems that may arise. Finanstilsynet’s premise is that Norwegian enterprises must be afforded competitive conditions which all in all are in line with those enjoyed by institutions in other EEA member states.

Finanstilsynet is responsible for the supervision of banks, finance companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, pension funds, investment firms, securities fund management and market conduct in the securities market, stock exchanges and authorised market places, settlement centres and securities registers, estate agencies, debt collection agencies, external accountants and auditors.