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Regarding prospectuses

The Ministry of Finance has decided that the operative inspection and approval of prospectuses for transferable securities will be transferred to Finanstilsynet with effect from 1 May 2010 (the transfer date). This is an element of the adaptations to the common European regulations in the securities area, which are preconditioned on the inspection and approval of prospectuses having to be performed by bodies that are competent authorities of the member states by 2011 at the latest.

Finanstilsynet’s goal is for the inspection and approval to continue under the same principles, procedures, etc. that Oslo Børs has been using. The implications of this include that the interpretation of relevant legal sources, information, etc. that have comprised the basis of the inspection and approval of prospectuses at Oslo Børs, will as a general rule be continued and applied in the same manner after Finanstilsynet takes over prospectus inspection and approval. All EEA prospectuses and individual other documents related to such, cf. section 3 below, must from 1 May 2010 be sent to the e-mail address prospekter@finanstilsynet.no.

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